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Private Cloud

Businesses are mesmerized by the agility and efficiency offered by private cloud.

But when it comes to moving crucial corporate data to the cloud, many businesses hesitate because of the security and implementation issues associated with the cloud transition. ASPGulf offers robust cloud solutions for businesses that want to benefit from the better performance and agility promised by the cloud, while maintaining control over their cloud-based IT infrastructure.

Technical Service

Why Build a Private Cloud with ASPGulf’s Hosted Cloud Solutions?

Being a pioneer hosting services provider in the Gulf region, ASPGulf has provided several firms their very own clouds, custom-built to meet their specific business requirements. Our private cloud solutions are perfect for the organizations that aim to virtualize their IT infrastructure in a secure and efficient manner.

Technical Support

Get superior technical support from our in-house experts 24/7.

Highly Secure

The single-tenant, isolated environment of cloud ensures the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Infra Ownership

As an option, Clients have the flexibility to own the underlying hardware infrastructure on which the Private Cloud is deployed.


Make optimal use of your resources and scale up and down according to your business needs.

Trusted Platform

Built on enterprise-grade trusted platforms, our cloud solutions guarantee you maximum efficiency and agility. ASPGulf offers Private Cloud services on industry’s two most prominent technology – VMware and Microsoft.

Why ASPGulf?

ASPGulf offers robust yet flexible private cloud solutions for businesses seeking a hassle-free, secure virtualization experience. Get better visibility and control of your IT infrastructure with a high-performance agile private and public cloud solutions.

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Why Private Cloud?

AZZURANCE leverage the features of System Center to automatically manage unusual workloads without causing any kind of disruption to your day-to-day processes. Our AZZURANCE Public Cloud solution provides you access to state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure without the need of buying costly servers.


No Latency

Latency can be troublesome for enterprises that make a transition of cloud seeking agility and efficiency. With AZZURANCE, you get access to state-of-the-art data centers that have plenty of capacity and an efficient network to run your applications without any disruption.


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